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We strive to produce web sites that are creative, colorful, and user-friendly. We can do it all from start to finish - research, composition, custom buttons & banners, etc. We'll create a site that will reflect your company's image and work easily and efficiently for your clients.

We work closely with our customers in order to bring to life exactly what they envision - in a very reasonable amount of time.

At Digital Ink Design Studios we believe that great design plays a major role in successful web site development. By listening to our clients need we can offer solutions that will best convey our prospects main objectives.

We know what your up against and we know what works. Digital Ink Design Studio's has a proven process that gets out clients the results they are looking for.

Some of our solutions for creating a successful web site include:

Conveying the look and feel of your companies corporate identity as well as developing an identity in itself.

All of the sites that we create are compatible in all browsers including Internet Explorer and Netscape Communicator.

Our sites will fit any monitor size. By doing this it will eliminate horizontal scroll bars.

All graphics for you site that we create are optimized for the web. This allows for a fast loading time.

Our sites our user friendly and are extremely east to navigate.

We provide the most direct approach to getting our clients objective accomplished online.

Free estimates are provided to all our prospects.

To help assure your satisfaction, this briefly summarizes our billing procedures. If you wish to make special arrangements, or have questions, please ask. Charges. We charge a flat fee for our creative and consulting time. This figure covers normal everyday expenses such as parking and local travel and phone calls.
Hosting services are also available.

If these services are arranged though us, and charges incurred will be passed on with a 20% markup to cover our administrative expense. The final bill for any assignment depends directly on time expended. We never charge "what the traffic will bear." Nor do we have different rates for different size or types of clients. We find this arrangement is beneficial to most clients because it directly rewards efficiency. Good input and a few well-run meetings always result directly in a lower bill.

Although the subjective nature of design does not permit us to give firm bids or quotes, we will provide a written estimate of what an assignment will cost. We will adhere to this estimate unless the specifications of the assignment change. Because we recognize the need for budget control and financial accountability, we always supplement written estimates with verbal, and sometimes written, reports as each job progresses. These progress reports will identify any changes in specifications and any possible need to re-estimate the assignment. Terms.

To start work we require a company purchase order, our estimate signed by you and a check for one third of the estimate amount. The balance will be due in two payments: the first upon concept/design approval; the second is due net 30 upon final approval of the design. Interest is charged on pat-due amounts. If an assignment is delayed beyond 60 days, we will bill for work completed to date.

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Our Mission:"To become the standard in creative website development by providing innovative designs affordably".
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