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Define the objective of your Site
Is it to generate qualified leads? Offer resources and information to your current customers or the public? To launch a new business? Do you want to sell your product or service on the web? Defining your goals will help shape the design, functionality, and marketing plan for your web site.

Create a budget for your website
Determine budgets for initial setup and design, monthly website hosting fees, and future changes and enhancements.

Decide on an internet service provider
Once created, all websites need to "live" somewhere. That somewhere will be dependant upon the requirements of the site and your business. We'll help clarify that for you.

Decide on and register a domain name
We're happy to offer advice on choosing a domain name and registering it for you. If you already have a domain or website, great. We'll give you an insiders evaluation of it's effectiveness.

Consider site content and features
Creating a website for your business can be a daunting experience - but it doesn't have to be. After an in-depth Q & A we1ll guide you in matching your needs to your budget, and maximizing the dollars and time invested.

Develop your marketing strategy
When your website is ready to go, you'll want to let the world know about it. We've got the experience to do just that. From registering with search engines to specially designed launch promotions, we'll help you get the word out and the traffic in.

Keep your site interesting through updates and enhancements
Nothing discourages visitors to you sight quicker than the same old, same old. Unlike conventional marketing materials, a website is a living thing. While a brochure, ad or catalog sits unchanged and unchallenged. A website can reinvent itself as often as you need it to.
Promotions, news, current events, all can work toward keeping your site "bookmarked" in the minds of your audience.


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